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Business Fibre,
Wireless and Mobile APN

Your business can’t afford not to be connected these days, and we offer the latest internet technologies to keep you online 24/7.

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Business Fibre

Fibre is the latest technology for staying connected, and businesses in metropolitan areas should consider little else. It’s lightning fast and so much more stable than its predecessor, ADSL. With unshaped high speeds, businesses can find themselves online with little concern for network down-time or security issues. We partner with various fibre providers throughout the country to help businesses connect no matter where they find themselves—offering a seamless connection with the world. Have a look at some more of the benefits of fibre below.

Increased Stability

We love fibre because it simply is more stable and capable of faster speeds. This is a big reason that ADSL is being phased out, and users still using this old technology are going to become increasingly frustrated as time moves on, when compared with the sleek speed and efficiency of fibre. Fibre also offers synchronous connectivity, meaning upload speeds are similar to download speeds and is crucial for businesses that are increasingly working “in the cloud”.

Incredible Speed

Through our curated providers, we are able to offer incredibly fast speeds (up to 1Gb/s) for businesses who rely heavily on a fast, stable internet connection. Our business fibre is uncapped and unshaped, allowing your staff uninterrupted access to the online world.

Excellent Up-time

Our business fibre enables optional 24-hour SLA and 99.9% up-time SLA by means of a product called redundant or protected fibre that is available in certain locations or areas. We make sure that you get what you pay for and your business is always connected.

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Point to point wireless

Point-to-point Licensed Wireless

Point to point wireless is an alternative to fibre, mostly used where fibre is not available, and it boasts superfast speeds and reliability to seamlessly connect your business with the world. Licenced wireless, sometimes called “microwave-licenced wireless”, because wireless works by connecting two points via microwaves.

A wireless partner would install a router and an antenna to the highest point on your premises, which then wirelessly connects with their high site, giving your business access to high-speed internet. Due to the nature of point-to-point wireless, the service is always subject to an on-site survey to ensure that there is visibility for the two sites to connect.

Great coverage

Even if your premises is “out in the sticks”, where fibre is likely not feasible, we can probably connect you with a licenced wireless solution. This is a great option with equally high-speeds and secure connections.

Incredible Speed

With speeds of up to 1Gb/s and unshaped services, your business will be able to do anything it needs to online at any time.

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For Voice

Our APN for voice product is an exclusive service that allows very high quality connections for growing businesses. This offers a quickly deployable solution for sites that are waiting for fibre. It is simple and easy for smaller businesses where more expensive connections are not in the budget.


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