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Business Fibre, Voice Services, and Cloud Solutions

Internet and Communication Solutions Tailored To Your Needs.

Business Internet &

Communication Solutions

We provide end-to-end communication and connection services for businesses, focusing on connectivity, voice, hosting, and cloud call centre technology. Whether you are an established company with many staff, have employees working remotely, or from home, our business solutions caters for every need.

We supply high-speed fibre, LTE, voice services, website hosting, VPN services, and cloud-based communication technology to help you achieve greater efficiency and security.

  • Discover our fibre, point to point wireless and LTE packages.
  • Being connected in the digital age is a no-brainer, but getting the speed and security that your business needs can be tricky, which is where our internet services come in handy.
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Hosting Solutions
  • Hosting your websites and emails securely and efficiently.
  • An incredible website is no good if it’s down more often than not, and that’s why we pride ourselves on secure and stable hosting services for your domain, website and emails.
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Voice (VoIP)
  • We provide a complete turnkey solution for voice services.
  • Communication is a key ingredient to create well-run teams and happy customers, which is why we have invested heavily in our complete turnkey solutions for voice.
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Cloud Call Centres
  • Run your call centre with just an internet connection.
  • Cloud based call centres are an incredible innovation, that enable you to setup and manage your call centre only armed with a stable internet connection.
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Connectivity Pioneers

Always have access to the latest technology. We have a great vision for our company and for the connectedness of South Africa, continually pioneering in new areas to bring our customers the most up to date communication solutions.

Dedicated Support

We have a dedicated support team, online and at the end of a phone line whenever you need them. Our inter-personal technical support is next to none, and we pride ourselves on making sure that our users always have an expert to direct queries and questions to.

User Focused

Our development has always been user-focused. Building on our network management and data expertise, we have wrapped the development of our business products and services around the needs of our users and their customers.

Evolving Tech

We will always be upgrading and innovating. Soon, we will be adding a myriad of interesting solutions to our offerings for security, entertainment, gaming, education and online trading, which current customers will receive first access to.

Incredible Infrastructure

By co-locating networks and services in secure environments such as Teraco data centres, we support the future growth of our business in a digital economy with amazing uptime experience.

Competitive Rates

We are able to offer incredibly competitive pricing to most areas of South Africa.


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