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PBX and Mobile Solutions

Communication is key to good business, and with our turnkey voice solutions your business will always stay connected.

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VoIP for Business

Our stand alone SIP trunk is called Link because it ‘links’ legacy and IP with our VoIP servers to enable seamless, high quality and cost effective calls. It also ‘Links’ businesses with multiple branches to seamlessly integrate remote extensions with their head office PBX.

This offers growing companies relief from the need to install a PBX in each and every remote branch, replacing this process with a simpler solution with unmatched features, greater performance and cost benefits. At the same time we deliver an array of call and management features that are critical to growing businesses like yours.

Redundancy Features
  • If your connection fails, our service will automatically re-route calls to nominated numbers (which could be mobiles or alternative landlines), ensuring your business will always receive incoming calls.
Reduced Call Costs
  • Our Link service includes bundled free minutes for inter-branch calls.
Reduce branch-branch and branch-H/O calls
  • We can claim that our clients are able to save up to 50% using Link for local, national, mobile and international calls.
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Your Telecoms

Management Solution

Our telecoms management solution (TMS) is an amazing new product that is unique to the industry. With it, we provide you with access to a portal where you can login and see your usage, summary of usage and control over the forwarding of your own extensions. Some of the special features of our TMS are:

  • Basic call forwarding.
  • Budget management: Allocate a certain number of minutes or Rand value to users and departments.
  • Reporting per department.
  • Reports can integrate to your accounting system.
  • Downloadable reports.
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for Business

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a classic piece of technology for multi-branch businesses, to aid inter-department and inter-branch communication securely.PBX is also often used so that remote workers can connect to existing company networks from elsewhere.

The real benefit of using a PBX system is that it allows your business to have access so many services that previous telephone companies would charge an arm and a leg for.

Hosted PBX
  • This is our flagship Voice product that offers high definition voice, feature rich functionality, seamless integration in a multi-office environment, infinite scalability and mobile integration via our mobile application. Premitel’s Porta One cloud infrastructure is a world renowned, cutting-edge solution that is able to handle any number of users with excellent security measures to cope with any security threat.
Small Business Exchange (SBX)
  • Our small business exchange (SBX) solution offers up to 2 IP hosted phones (there is a choice of executive and cordless phones), unlimited number of mobile extensions. This solution is very cost effective and ideal for businsses that largely operate off-site. Choice of phones – executive, cordless.
Micro Business Exchance (MBX)
  • Our micro business exchange (MBX) works purely on mobile for up to 5 users (one app per phone) for both outgoing and inbound calls, including an AVR structure and recordable messages for an automated answering service.
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Mobile data

Mobile Services

for Business

For businesses that don’t need fixed phone lines or are more cost-conscious, our mobile services provide great opportunities for connecting a workforce.


Micro Business Exchange (MBX)

Our micro business exchange (MBX) works purely off mobile phones and is ideal for businesses ofup to 5 users (one app per phone) for both outgoing and inbound calls, including an AVR structure and a pre-recorded message for an automated answering service.

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