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Support – Client Success

How can I contact Premitel's Client Success Desk?

Premitel has an automated support ticketing system. For the most efficient response to a question or problem e-mail to have your query logged directly into our CRM. Cases are prioritised based on how disruptive they are and are dealt with accordingly. Our client success technicians will provide you with updates as progress is made on your case. Alternatively call us on 087 354 1444.

What steps should I take if I experience a problem?

If you have a problem, first try to determine the reason for the problem. For example, a power outage would obviously impact equipment not connected to redundant backup power options. Often rebooting equipment has the desired effect so this is generally a good option. Be mindful of the order in which you reboot equipment. Eg one should reboot the data link first and then the secondary equipment (Gateways, PBX’s or IP phones) afterwards. Check each of the following (if relevant):

  • Is your onsite PBX operating correctly? Reboot if necessary.
  • Is your data link working? Bear in mind that you may have a separate link for internet/email and your VoIP. Reboot the equipment (eg router) if necessary.
  • Are all cables correctly plugged in? Check each cable is securely connected. Are they in the correct sockets, particularly if you have recently moved equipment? Ensure you haven’t confused which power supply goes with which equipment.
  • Ensure that the power socket which your equipment is plugged into is working.
  • Ensure that the power socket which your equipment is plugged into is working.

When should I contact Premitel and when do I contact my PBX vendor?

In cases where the PBX vendor is a different company to Premitel, it is often hard to know who to contact for support/assistance. In simple terms, internal problems like a problem with a handset or a need to change a PBX function would be the PBX vendor’s arena. Issues with external calls which use Premitel’s services are our arena. When in doubt, contact Premitel.

Premitel’s Customer Care Portal FAQ’s

Can I see details of the calls I make through my VoIP solution?

Yes, the Premitel Client Portal provides up to date call records. The user may select either a summarised or detailed view of all the calls made by the customer. These reports may be downloaded in csv format.

Can I configure my organisation and keep track of each individual and each department’s telecommunications costs?

Yes, Premitel’s Telecommunications Management Systems (TMS) provides exact and up to date telecommunication costs. The TMS provides dashboard views, a page to set up and configure your organisation, and management and financial reporting pages. Reports may be downloaded in csv format. There is no need for the user to load rates, the TMS uses the exact rates as charged for all calls and internet usage. The TMS requires an additional license fee.

How can I access the Customer Care Portal?

You will need to have a username and password assigned to you. If you haven’t already got one, please contact Premitel Support and request one. Premitel Business users may access the portal here and Premitel Home users may click here to access the portal.

May I set up call forwarding in the Customer Care Portal?

Yes, individual accounts (eg direct numbers) are accessible via the Customer Care Portal or directly via the User Login option on the Login Page. The Customer Care Portal provides user friendly call forwarding settings for users’ extensions, but you need to contact support to set up call forwarding for IVR numbers.

What other information can I access on the Customer Care Portal?

You will be able to see the following account details:

  • A list of all your accounts 
  • Credit limit and remaining balance 
  • Graphs showing usage trends analysis


Who can I contact if I have a billing enquiry?

Please contact or call 087 354 1444.

What is the difference between prepaid and postpaid accounts?

Please refer to our Prepaid vs Postpaid document for details.

Can I change from being a prepaid to postpaid customer?

Yes, this is possible. Simply complete our debit order mandate to allow us to debit the outstanding amount off your account every month. Send this document along with your request to be converted to a postpaid client to Please note that Premitel may credit vet any customer who requests this and additional documentation may be requested.

What if I want to upgrade?

Please contact our sales department on or Contact Us and we will assist you.

What if I want to downgrade or cancel my services?

If you are not in contract, it is possible to downgrade or cancel services. Cancellation requires a calendar month’s notice. Our cancellation document can be downloaded, completed and returned to for processing.

General background on hacking

How does hacking happen?

In most hacking incidents the hacker gains access to a device and then makes calls to very expensive destinations. The devices used may be telephones or PABXs. The expensive destinations are normally premium numbers in unregulated countries.

How to prevent hacking

Hacking is prevented in a number of ways, examples include:

Restricting access to devices: 

  • Restrict Internet access to devices by installing firewalls. This is complemented by the device’s secure logon credentials.
  • Separate the voice (telephones) and data (Internet) networks on client premises.
  • Where the networks are shared a hacker might gain access to a phone via any of the on-site PCs.
  • Premitel’s core networks are protected by advanced firewalls.
  • Foreign users are not allowed to register on Premitel’s servers.

Even though vendors do their utmost to protect networks and clients from being hacked, the hackers constantly devise new and innovative methods to gain access. Vendors would then close the loophole; the hackers will try something new and the cat and mouse game will continue.

How to reduce the impact of a hacking incident

There is no 100% guarantee against hacking, even though all the possible preventative measures are in place. Vendors thus also need to limit the impact in the case of a hacking incident. Vendors are loath to share all their limiting measures in case the hackers devise new methods to circumvent a measure, but these are some of the well-known approaches:

  • Blocking the numbers used by hackers prevent calls to these numbers. This is an ongoing process as new numbers are created all the time.
  • Setting credit limits to limit a client’s potential risk.
  • Limiting calls to certain countries.
  • Reporting suspicious traffic.  
  • Clients may request the implementation of a daily spending limit from their Relationship Managers.
  • Limiting calls to certain countries.
  • Reporting suspicious traffic.

Premitel’s Payment Terms

What Payment Terms Does Premitel Offer?

Post-paid Debit Order

You have to complete and sign the debit order payment mandate.

Premitel will debit your bank account so there is no need to make any payment on receipt of your monthly recurring invoices.

Please refer to the table below for the invoice and debit order dates for services.

Service Invoice sent date Debit order payment dates
Network subscription 22nd 30th / 31st
VoIP subscription 27th 7th
Hardware Rental 27th 7th
Voice usage 1st 7th

Post-paid EFT

You have to provide more extensive vetting documents, like bank statements, last audited Statements (if relevant) and up to date management reporting to be vetted for postpaid by EFT.  Typical terms are 7 days of receiving your invoice.

Please refer to the table below for the invoice and typical payment dates for your services.

Service Invoice sent date EFT payment date
Network subscription 22nd 30th / 31st
VoIP subscription 27th 7th
Hardware Rental 27th 7th
Voice usage 1st 7th

Billing:  Prepaid

Should you want to subscribe to Premitel services on a prepaid basis, you will need to make an EFT payment into Premitel’s account for a sufficient credit amount and then monthly prepaid deposits to cover subscriptions and voice usage.

Please refer to the table below for the invoice dates for your services.

Service Invoice sent date EFT payment date
Network subscription 22nd before 30th 
VoIP subscription 27th before 7th
Hardware Rental 27th before 7th
Voice usage 1st before 7th

Please use “specified account number” as a reference and email proof of payment to