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Call Centre Solution

Cloud based call centre technology replaces old technology which was run through a Server and PABX. It removes the need for a lot of on-site hardware which can be a nightmare to manage and maintain!

Premitel’s cloud based call centre technology integrates seamlessly with a hosted PABX and digital on-site PABX. Your business can manage and maintain a call center solution using your internet connection and your current laptop or computer.

Personalised Support

Our dedicated service team offers your business personalised support whenever you need it.

Amazing uptime

We seamlessy host our cloud technology across eight core data centres globally, meaning that we have taken care of the telephony infrastructure for your business to ensure that you have the best possible up-time.

No Hardware

The required hardware of old call centres becomes outdated quickly and is always needing to be expensively replaced. With a cloud-based call centre, you don’t have these expensive updates anymore, and no more hardware to trip over!

Online Mangement Portal

Giving you access to a user-friendly online portal (all you need is your computer), in which you can manage your call centre as if you were there. Simply login and manage everything from wherever you are.

Easy Reporting

Everything is cloud-based, this means your data is automatically stored and collected online too, which allows you easy and efficient reporting whenever you need it.

Competitive Rates

We offer incredibly competitive pricing to most areas of South Africa.

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