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Premitel Cloud Business Exchange Features

Start small and later add more advanced premium features as your business needs grow, or select the advanced cloud PBX features you know you need at the outset. Either way, always get the cloud business phone features that perfectly fit your business needs at the time — at a fraction of the cost that other vendors charge.

Numbers & Extensions

Unlimited Free User Extensions

Unlimited free user extensions is a unique feature of Premitel’s Cloud Business Exchange. Choose as many as your business needs! Avoid feature (and subscription cost) bloat caused by a per-extension pricing model.

Free Inbound DID Number

Premitel’s base business phone solution includes a free inbound phone number, which can be your existing number that is ported, an existing Premitel number, or newly assigned from Premitel’s number ranges.

More DID Numbers

Additional DIDs are available as a premium service for use in a number of specific scenarios, like attribution for marketing campaigns, providing directly routable extensions to certain employees, and much more.

Number Porting

Our Premitel agents know their way around the hurdles in the porting process and can get a successful number port completed within 3 to 4 weeks, as opposed to Telkom’s 90-day online cancellation process.

Inbound Call Routing Features

Operator Extension

Premitel’s base Cloud Business Exchange product includes a free operator extension connected to your also free main inbound DID number. Additional operator extensions are available as a premium feature, if needed.

Additional Operators

A typical use case for deploying additional operator extensions is where departments require their own inbound numbers and switchboard operators. Options range from 5 to 20 concurrent calls. Additional DID included.

Automated Attendants

Auto attendants – aka AVR, phone tree, or virtual receptionist – route incoming calls to the required extension or queue. It has a day / night mode and can be multi-level. Call concurrency options range from 6 to 100+

Direct Hunt Groups

Routes inbound calls directly to a group of extensions, speeding up response times. This unique Premitel feature can follow a number of set ringing strategies to distribute calls. Select call concurrency from 6 to 100+

Automated Call Queues – Coming soon!

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Internal Call Handling Features

Ring Strategies

Set extensions to only ring, forward, or go to voicemail – or set any combination of the above. System administrators can set the ring time before a call switches to the next option through Premitel’s easy-to-use ClientZone.

Call Forward

Set a destination to forward your calls to when you are unable to take the call, e.g. forward to your cell phone if you are away from your desk. Turn pre-set values on or off. Configure on the fly with our user-friendly ClientZone.

Call Transfer

Call transfer is a base system feature allowing you to take a call and then send it to a different internal extension, operator. hunt group, call queue, or AVR. Set-up and maintain with self-service using Premitel’s ClientZone.

Call Waiting

Call waiting allows a user extension to receive a second incoming call while busy with the current call. The user will hear a discreet ‘beep’ sound to alert them that they have another call ‘waiting’.

Music On Hold

Music on hold is used when a call is transferred or placed on hold, and the caller will hear the music while holding for their call to be answered. System administrators can set this using the self-service ClientZone portal.


With voicemail enabled you may set your extension to send calls to a voice mailbox if you are unable to take the call. Voicemail is set-up and maintained through the self-service using Premitel’s self-service ClientZone.

Hunt Ring Groups

Hunt Groups are configurable with different ring strategies that can be configured to ring 1) Set sequential order, 2) Simultaneous on all group extensions, 3) Randomly, or 4) Least-used strategy (for Round Robin).

Call Pickup Groups

Pickup Groups are extensions programmed such that other users in the group can pick up a call at an unattended extension using a short code, without leaving their desks. Set-up and maintained in ClientZone.

Abbreviated Dialing

Also known as speed dials or shortcodes. Abbreviated dialing is a 4-digits number set-up on your phone system to make frequently called numbers easier to dial. Set-up and maintenance is self-service using the ClientZone.

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Telecoms Management Features

Self-service ClientZone

Manage your Cloud PBX in a user-friendly self-service portal. Set inbound call options, re-assign DIDs, call forwarding, call barring, spending plans, self-service onboarding, interactive training, and much more.

Phone Cost Accounting

Manage Actual vs. Budget telecoms spend for Extensions, SIM cards, and Data connections within a 3-level org structure – typically used for depts, branches, and business units (or accounting entities). Export data to financial systems.

Real-time Call Records

Real-time call detail records (CDRs) – incl. billing data – become available on the ClientZone immediately after a call has been completed. Sort and/or filter CDR data by various parameters, and export to CSV for further analysis.

Call Splitting

Call splitting allows registration of multiple devices on a single extension. When the extension is called, all the devices will ring simultaneously. Configure on the fly using Premitel’s user-friendly ClientZone portal.

Cloud Call Recording – Coming soon!

Call recordings are attached to CDRs, with a tagging and categorisation feature to quickly and effortlessly retrieve relevant recordings. Recordings are stored securely in a world-class Teraco datacentre.

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Security & Fraud Prevention Features

Encryption & Security

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Active Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention involves only allowing devices to register for service from trusted geographic IP ranges. We also implement other features like call barring to high-risk destinations and daily spend limits.

Daily Spend Plans/Limits

Daily plans/limits allow setting max daily spending levels to prevent the system from authorising any calls when it is reached. This reduces the likelihood of unauthorised or malicious use of your phones.

Extension Pin Codes

Pin Codes – Secure your extensions against unauthorised usage or abuse. WHAT MORE VALUABLE INFORMATION CAN WE ADD HERE ABOUT PIN CODES TO FILL THE AVAILABLE SPACE HERE?

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