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Business Phones Reimagined;

Premitel’s Cloud Business Exchange delivers on Value, Reliability, and Control.



Our investments in infrastructure, automation, and innovation create a lower cost-to-serve. This unlocks significant business value that we offer at a much lower price compared to other voice service providers.



Unlike many competitors that rent infrastructure, Premitel is heavily invested in its own unified switching, service management, and billing infrastructure. As a result we can better control service quality, and innovate.



Management teams value Premitel's cost management, cost control, and fraud prevention focus. System Admins just love the efficiency and convenience of automated and self-managed service provisioning.


Cloud Business Exchange is the Next-generation Cloud PBX

Premitel’s investments in core infrastructure, cloud technology, and innovation come together to create a uniquely productised phone solution that delivers on service quality at a radically lower total cost for your business

Unrivalled Business Value

Phone systems have become an essential business utility. But water, electricity, and other utilities don’t charge per user! Why then should you accept it when your voice service provider charges per extension?

Free Cloud PBX Base

Unlimited free user extensions – Setup as many extensions as your business needs.
Free landline number – National 087, or Geographic 010, 012, 021, 031, 041, etc. Alternatively, we can port your number.
Free Operator Extension with 5 concurrent call capacity included.
Premitel CBX Base features include Forwarding, Transfer, Waiting, Splitting, Barring, Daily Spending Limits, Voicemail, Shortcodes, Call Detail Records, etc.

Unique Pricing Model

The industry standard “per extension” pricing model invariably results in feature bloat and excessive subscription fees.

Premitel’s CBX Base is a forever-free Cloud PBX with options to add premium features. Only pay for the advanced features your business really needs.
Premitel CBX Premium features include Auto Attendants, Direct Hunt Groups, Hunt Groups, More Operators, Pickup Groups, Call Queues, TMS, Recordings, Higher Concurrent Call Capacity, etc.

Lowest Total Cost

Total Business Phone Costs consist of:

Once-off Setup Costs – Premitel self-setup is free. Personal assistance is available at a nominal fee – if required. Industry avg. is R300 per extension.
Monthly Subscription Costs – Premitel CBX extensions are free, with reasonably priced premium features. Industry avg. monthly subscription is R85 /extension.
Call Usage Costs – Premitel call rates are 25% less than Cloud PBX providers avg!

Service Scalability

Scalable from Solopreneur to Enterprise – Premitel’s cloud-hosted PBX architecture is super scalable and suitable for any type of business from a single extension all the way to large enterprise, and any sized business in-between.
Flexibility to scale as needs change – Spinup or downscale new or additional advanced features (like AVRs, Hunt Groups, Call Queues, etc.) as business needs change – temporarily, or permanently. Premitel will soon have automated self-provisioning on all its premium services, which means you can self-manage all of this without incurring additional setup or penalty fees!

Service Flexibility

Office-based employees – For many businesses, fewer permanent and more occasional office-based employees create the need to rationalise available workspaces and office phone devices.
Remote working employees – A cloud-hosted phone solution is the only way that remote working employees can access your business phone system. Premitel offers a unique LTE APN addon to support quality-of-service where last-mile network connectivity is congested, or otherwise problematic.
Mobile working employees – Premitel offers free mobile landline extensions for your staff that are regularly on the road.


Deskphones – Premitel Cloud Business Exchange works with normal desktop, operator, executive, DECT cordless, and conference-style IP phones.
Softphone – Premitel endorses the Zoiper softphone app for your business. It is an affordable cross-platform softphone offering strong encryption and includes all advanced features your business may need. The free version works well.
Mobile Landline – Take workforce mobility a step further with the Zoiper softphone app on your mobile. Set it up as the only device for an extension for a true mobile landline. Alternatively, use your mobile in conjunction with your desktop phone.

Assured Service Quality

Unlike many of our competitors that rent partitioned infrastructure, Premitel is invested in, and control its own telco carrier-grade and unified switching, service management, and billing platform infrastructure.

Network Scalability

Premitel operates its own carrier-grade infrastructure necessary to dynamically scale call switching capacity on demand.

Cloud Business Exchange (CBX) has the potential to scale from one to thousands of extensions if needed. Along with the scaling capacity of the CBX extensions, you may also scale any of the available premium features to fit your business needs. 

Our wholesale SIP trunks can transit large volumes of concurrent calls, in and/or out of your network. Premitel offers flexible and scalable rates based on call volumes that are attractive for wholesale voice partners.

Network Reliability

Premitel has servers in multiple telco data centres throughout South Africa, providing clustering and redundancy for better voice network availability, reliability, and stability.

Last-mile connectivity (through your ISP) is a critical determining factor in call quality. Premitel offers high-quality business fibre but if needed, will work with your existing ISP to ensure good call quality is achieved.

Our infrastructure’s added ability to dynamically optimize network routes for call termination requests ensures that Premitel delivers higher than the industry standard average call success rates (ASR).

Core Infrastructure

Premitel’s hardware, software, and network infrastructure are instrumented and monitored 24/7 to proactively identify potential issues and take corrective action.

Our team of qualified network and voice engineers takes action based on stringent system performance thresholds to identify risks early and preventatively maintain systems and network components.

The platform software is secured on safe and redundant self-replicating servers, which means we can contract to deliver your service with confidence you can trust.

Self-governing Control

Self-service and service automation provide the scale needed to lower our service costs. The biggest benefit though is the empowerment of your team(s) to self-manage their phones for total convenience and control.

Management Control

Financial Control – Plan and control actual vs. budget telecoms spend for user extensions, mobile SIM cards, and data connections within a 3-level structure. Typical use cases include departments, branches, and business entities. Export data and import to financial systems.
Operational Control – Monitoring and assessment of call volumes, average ring times, answer times, dropped calls, and other call traffic summaries.

Telephone Management Services (TMS) is a web-service conveniently accessed within Premitel’s Client Zone self-service portal.

Fraud Prevention

Active fraud prevention involves only allowing devices to register for service from trusted geographic IP ranges. We also implement other features like call barring to high-risk destinations, daily spend limits, and the use of extension pin-codes.

Daily plans/limits allow setting max daily spending levels to prevent the system from authorising any calls when it is reached. This reduces the likelihood of unauthorised or malicious use of your phones.

Pin Codes is a premium feature that secures your user extensions against unauthorised usage or abuse.

Customer Success

Premitel focuses on both proactive and reactive customer service support to ensure clients’ success with using our services. The new customer onboarding process features extensive online self-service resources.

Although our back-office provisioning and onboarding functions are automated, we offer real human support behind every process that is always just a call away in case you need to consult an expert.

Automated provisioning and self-service support are core enablers of a much lower cost-to-serve, and as a result, a radically lower price point by comparison.


Cloud Business Exchange Features

Start for free and later add more advanced premium features as your business needs grow, or select the advanced cloud PBX features you know you need at the outset. Either way, always get the cloud business phone features that perfectly fit your business needs at the time — at a fraction of the cost that other vendors charge.

Base Features are Forever Free

  Main Inbound DID Number   Unlimited User Extensions
  Main Operator Extension   5 Concurrent Call Capacity
  Shortcode Dialing   Call Transfer
  Call Forward   Call Splitting
  Call Barring   Call Waiting
  Music On Hold   Voicemail
  Real-time Call Records (CDRs)   Encryption & Security Protocols
  Daily Spending Limits   Self-service Client Zone



Premium Features

  Number Porting R275.00 once-off fee
  Additional Inbound DID(s) Only R25.00 / mo each
  Additional Operator Extension From R30.00 / mo each
  Auto Attendant (AVR) From R60.00 / mo each
  Direct Hunt Group (DHG) From R60.00 / mo each
  Hunt Groups Only R35.00 / mo each
  Pickup Groups Only R35.00 / mo each
  Cloud Call Recording Only R10.00 / mo
Plus R0.08 / hr of storage / mo
  Telecoms Management Services Only R40.00 / mo
  Extension Pin Codes Only R90.00 / mo
  10 to 100+ Concurrent Calls From R5 – R60.00 / mo
  Advanced Call Queues Coming soon
  Advanced Music On Hold Coming soon


Cloud PBX Industry Price Comparison

A recent Cloud PBX market survey involving 10 local service providers found it very difficult to compare product offerings and pricing. Premitel realizes you are probably experiencing the same, and in response developed an evaluation template that deconstructs the various components to enable a thorough like-for-like comparison. 

Note: This utility is free to use but does not constitute a quote. It is a “quick & dirty” comparison tool to assist you in demystifying Cloud PBX pricing. The industry average pricing used in this tool is based on a recent service provider survey (with n=10), and every effort was expended to achieve an accurate and like-for-like comparison. 

Premitel is trusted by forward-thinking companies of all shapes and sizes for their business phone needs


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