Introducing the next-generation Cloud-hosted PBX



Business Phones Reimagined;

Premitel’s Cloud Business Exchange heralds a new generation of innovative and digitally smart cloud-hosted phone solutions. Our industry-leading cloud phone services architecture delivers improved business value, at a reduced cost – without compromising quality or reliability.


Introducing the Innovative, Low Cost Cloud-hosted PBX

Benefit directly from Premitel's investments in infrastructure, service architecture, and value innovation that -

Reduce costs further with optional features, only paying for what your business needs; and
Increase value through many self-serve features for unrivalled convenience and control

Quality, Reliability without Compromise

Reliability, scalability, flexibility, and quality are inherent in our solution and services -

Underpinned by a best-in-class core telco infrastrucure; and
Championed by our world-class customer support

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Save 25% to 75% on Business Phone Costs

  Unlimited user extensions - As many as your business needs
  Included main DID number - Add more at a low monthly rental cost
  Feature rich base Cloud PBX - No fuss, easy-to-use business phone solution
  Included self-serve setup - With automated, fast service provisioning
  Low call rates - In fact, a full 20% lower than the industry average

Select and only pay for advanced Cloud PBX features your business needs

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Best Value Cloud PBX Voice Service Provider

Phones have become an essential business utility. But since water, electricity, and internet utilities don't charge per user, why do businesses continue to accept this practice from voice service providers who charge per extension?

  Usage-based utility pricing that is flexible, equitable, and better value for money
  Service scalability allows you to spin-up or scale-down services as business needs change
  Client Zone app allows admins to configure services as needed, with no setup or penalty fees
  Work from anywhere where your mobile, remote, or office-based teams have internet access
  LTE APN addon is an alternate low-cost, high quality-of-service solution for voice connectivity
  Bring-Your-Own-Device bought from an etailer, use existing hardware, or buy from Premitel

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Zero Compromise on Quality & Reliability

World-class Customer Support

  Self-serve support and automation lowers our cost-to-serve, enabling industry-best prices
  Human support remains just a phone call away. Support processes are actively managed
  Proactive support monitors our networks in real-time for anomalies and unusual changes

Best-in-class Core Infrastructure

  Dynamically optimized call termination requests for high call success rate (ASR)
  Network flexibility in world class data centres that scales call switching capacity on demand
  Service flexibility scales to thousands of extensions through auto service provisioning

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Cloud Business Exchange is the Next-generation Cloud PBX

Premitel’s investments in core infrastructure, cloud technology, and innovation come together to create a uniquely productised phone solution that delivers on service quality at a radically lower total cost for your business

Cloud Business Exchange Features

Start for free and add more advanced cloud PBX features as your business needs grow. Always have the features that perfectly fit your business needs — at a fraction of the cost that other vendors charge.

Base Features are Forever Free

All the base features your business needs for an operational business phone solution. Add or remove advanced features as your business needs change

  Main Inbound DID Number

  Unlimited User Extensions
  Main Operator Extension   5 Concurrent Call Capacity
  Shortcode Dialing   Call Transfer
  Call Forward   Call Splitting
  Call Barring   Call Waiting
  Music On Hold   Voicemail
  Real-time Call Records (CDRs)   Encryption & Security Protocols
  Daily Spending Limits   Self-service Client Zone

Low Call Rates

Premitel call rates are 20% lower than the Cloud PBX industry average, with true per-second billing from the first second your call is connected

From R0.28 /min
Vodacom/MTN: R0.55 /min
CellC/Telkom: R0.75 /min

Premitel Onnet:
R0.10 /min
US: From R0.13 /min
UK: From R0.17 /min

Premium Services are Forever Optional

Spin up premium features, and scale them down again as your business needs change – All without additional service setup or cancellation penalty fees

  Additional Inbound DID(s)

Only R25.00 / mo each
  Additional Concurrent Calls From R5 – R60.00 / mo
  Additional Operator Extension From R30.00 / mo each
  Auto Attendant (AVR) From R60.00 / mo each
  Direct Hunt Group (DHG) From R60.00 / mo each
  Hunt Groups Only R35.00 / mo each
  Pickup Groups Only R35.00 / mo each
  Cloud Call Recording Only R10.00 / mo
Plus R0.08 / hr of storage / mo
  Telecoms Management Services Only R40.00 / mo
  Extension Pin Codes Only R90.00 / mo
  Advanced Call Queues Only R100.00 / mo each
  Advanced Music On Hold Coming soon

Note: Premium feature pricing listed above is for your whole business

Cloud PBX Industry Price Comparison

Doing a like-for-like comparison of Cloud PBX service provider quotes is difficult, right? Premitel developed this online tool to assist you with doing just that – a thorough and objective Cloud PBX industry price comparison. 

Premitel is trusted by forward-thinking companies of all shapes and sizes for their business phone needs


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